Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New SALE Items!

Last night I had a pattern revelation and changed how I make my coffee cozies. My original pattern was a circular crochet up the cup. It was a little tricky to make it perfect. I really have a problem when there are problems with my items. Its not that it didn't work but it wasn't the best I could do. It was not the easiest to use and I stopped making them because, I'll admit it, I'm lazy and when things are not streamlined I push them to the side.

So how did I come to the new pattern. It actually started with a long skinny scarf/neck lace. To make those you make a long chain. When worn it looks like the rows are sideways. Then it hit me. Maybe I should crochet the cozies sideways.

So I made my first one and I love it. It covers more of the cup, it is very easy to make and it just looks better. I made one for myself to use and will soon be making many more to sell.

So how does this benefit you? The old ones are on sale! I will be trying to get ride of all the old ones before I bring out the new version. So here's the links to the ones on sale:

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