Monday, October 6, 2008

Featured Seller: Green Works

My next featured seller is Maura of Green Works. She is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Her Etsy shop is and she also has a flickr site at

Items Sold: Four tshirts so far. We sell organic tshirts with silk screen printed
designs and recycled/re-purposed art.

What makes your shop Eco-friendly or organic based?: Using predominately organic and eco friendly materials, sourcing materials from ethical suppliers who support fair trade and sustainable farming/production.

What do you do everyday that is green? : Don't have a car so we walk, use low energy
lights, buy as much local organic food as we can, use rechargable batteries, recycle household waste, reuse packaging materials and recycle repurpose as much as possible, have a lot of second hand furniture(
so do I!) and give unwanted clothes/furniture etc either to friends or local charity to redistribute rather than send to landfill ( I love donating; it's donating is good for the earth and the soul!).

Favorite Book : Alice in Wonderland
Favorite Movie : Wizard of Oz
Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Item in Your Shop: The artwork - Moss is favourite so far - just love the
fact of making something out of scrap materials -

My favorite item in your shop:

An Etsy Shop that you think should be featured that is not your own: LAVENDERDRAGONHERBS

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