Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yart Sale- June 11-20

Tomorrow is the official start of the Etsy Yart Sale. A bunch of Etsy sellers have come together to have Etsy's first Yart Sale.

So what is a Yart Sale??

Yart Sale is the the Etsy version of the a yard sale! it is a ten day period of yard sale pricing. Starting tomorrow tons of sellers are reducing prices for this event. Some are offering percentages off other just reducing prices.

This sale is meant to increase sales and exposure for many shops and sellers. The best way to search for yart sales is by using the tag search tool and type "yart" in search box. Also there will be a thread in the promotions section of the forums where sellers will be posting their shops and sales. I will post a link to this tomorrow, right here on my blog.

I am participating and here is a link to the section of my shop:

I hope you have fun shopping tomorrow!

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