Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Stan Hywet House

This weekend my parents came up to Akron. We had dinner at a wonderful Thai restaurant called Pad Thai in Montrose( west of Akron). It was really good. The appetizers were excellent and everyone enjoyed their entree' but me, but that was my own fault. I'm not a fan of coconut but I went ahead and order a dish that is made with coconut. It was a curry dish and I thought that the curry might out power the coconut but I was wrong. Silly me. The stir fir my mom and boyfriend got was amazing! One was with basil and the other garlic. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

In the morning we went to the Stan Hywet House. It was built by the founder of Goodyear between 1912 and 1915. It is a massive estate with gardens surrounding the home. The day was quite hot reach 90 degrees but there was a great breeze. We first toured the gardens immediately surrounding the house while we waited for the house to open. My favorite of all the gardens was the English Garden that reminded me of the Secret Garden.

The rooms in the house were amazingly beautiful and in wonderful condition. I wish i could have taken pictures of the inside. My love of historical design was excited by all the antique pieces. The main period of design was Elizabethan, Jacobean Tudor. It is one of my favorite periods. The house was built ion the 1900's so it had full electricity and full house vacuum.

After we toured the house we walked through the rose gardens which were so fragrant. My father and I took tons of pictures. His camera is better so his pictures are definitely going to be better than mine. I probably won't have his images for a couple of weeks. In the mean time I will be editing mine and posting those on my shop.

This is a picture of my father taking some pictures of the grounds.

There is also a butterfly house that has some breath taking butterflies and moths. Please check back for more pictures to be added to my shop:

Have a nice Day!

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