Friday, January 13, 2012

Dedication Increased!

There are many things that I have been planning on discussing within my blogs, and I have come to the realization that it takes serious discipline to get things done. In an effort to be more available to my readers I will be working on increasing my dedication to my blog and readers. 

To achieve this I will be blogging as much as possible. I am not limiting amounts of post per day, topics anything! If you have suggestions they are welcome and invited. I am also not promising anything either. I work full time and am struggling to make this my full time job, so balance is key. Over the next couple months will be a learning experience as to how I can balance this increase dedication with my everyday life.

I would also like to announce a Call to Action! If you have a blog, or like to write I would love to have you as a quest blogger on A. Nieman Design. Please email me if you are interested in sharing your talents.

Also for those of you that want to be included in my Blogs to Visit section email me as well! I would love to add more blogs to my list!

Thanks for your time and Come visit me again!

Have a Nice Day!
A. Nieman

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