Monday, September 29, 2008

Featured Seller: Kephri

The next featured seller is Kephri from Dallastown PA. Their Etsy Shop is

Their myspace other sites are and

Items Sold:
I just started my etsy shop and haven't sold anything, but have my products carried in Holistic Spas, Yoga Studios and local small businesses.

What makes your shop eco-friendly or organic based?
I use Fair Trade, Organic and wildcrafted ingredients sourced from responsible suppliers. I also recycle!

What do you do everyday that is green?
I am vegan, eat only organic foods (gotta loove organic food!) , and prefer locally grown whenever possible. I walk my shipments to the post office rather than driving, and whenever i can I choose to walk or ride a bike instead of driving. I make my own cleansers for both my family and my home. I recycle EVERYTHING, do most of my shopping at secondhand stores and buy in bulk to reduce extra packaging.

Favorite Book: wow! only one? :( "The Essential Rumi"
Favorite Movie: The Painted Veil
Favorite color: They are all so useful :)

Favorite Item in Your Shop:
My "Meditation" Herbal Body Polish with Fair Trade Sugar

My favorite item in their shop:

An Etsy Shop that you think should be featured that is not your own:
Vegan Honey Bake Shop

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