Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Items Posted!

I finally finished my purses! My purses have been one of my forgotten projects. I finished added the last touches to two of them yesterday and today they have been added to my shop.

They are both made form the same pattern concept. I say concept because I have a serious problem following patterns. I usually end up with a great final project but a lot of times the space in between start and finish is a head ache. So I have stopped using patterns for directions but more inspiration.

These two purses are made in a simple two piece concept; one is the strap, the other the body. Inside is lined with fabric usually from the scrap section of the fabric store( I hate wasted fabric).

I will hopefully have more of these purses in my shop in the coming months. Now I can cross off finishing these purses from my forgotten projects list.

1 comment:

V JR said...

Beautiful purses! Both of them have got beautiful colors!


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