Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eco-Frienldy Sale!

This weekend I will be having an Eco-Friendly Sale in my Etsy shop.

Free Shipping to Ohio and States that Border it.
The sale starts Friday July 18th and ends Sunday July 20th.

Why is this sale Eco-Friendly?
I am offering free shipping to anyone who lives within the bordering states of Ohio. Shopping local is a great green way to decrease the amount of fuel and shipping cost in money terms and in terms of expenditure on the environment.

Shipping cost in general have a huge toll on our environment from the carbon emissions to the packaging used. Buying from people in your community and surrounding areas can cut shipping's cost on the environment.

Shopping from a seller who is only a state away is going to have less of an impact that buying something from a chain store that is down the street. Many large chain stores often import there items from countries that are hundreds and thousands of miles away. Buying from a small business, like those on Etsy, you can cut your impact on the environment by a large chunk.

What States are Involved?
I am located in Ohio and the most Eco-friendly shipping would involve Ohio the states that neighbor Ohio. This includes: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Michigan. If you live outside of these states (e.i. Canada) and can prove that your location is a shorter distance than any of the furthermost distances in the states mentioned, I will give you free shipping as well.

How do I get my Free Shipping?
I will check each order received this weekend and send a revised invoice to those who qualify. DO Not pay until you have received your revised invoice.

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