Saturday, May 17, 2008

Selling my Photography as Supplies

Recently I asked for some critiques through the forums of my A. Nieman Photography shop. Someone brought up the fact that some of my statements in my shop policies were unclear. They also poised the question, what if an etsy seller would like to use my art work in theirs.

Here's the answer: I would love to have some use my photographs in their own art work etc. The only thing I ask is that there is full disclosure on where they purchased the photograph. By this I mean that I am given credit within the listing, stating that the artwork used in the item was taken by myself.

I don't think that that is too much to ask. A link to my shop would be appreciated. I would also love to work with the seller and promote them here on my blog. I feel that if they would like to use my photos that it is not only a way for them to promote my shop but for me to promote them. It would be a thank you for their purchase and honesty.

I'm going to start adding the tag of supply to my digital photos for this reason. I think it should give me more exposure and maybe help spark sellers imaginations for the use of my art. My aim is to become a great resource for crafters!

Here are some of my latest additions:

Thank you and Have a Nice Day!!!

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rachel said...

I like the photo of the flower :)


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