Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One WHOLE Day Spent on Etsy

Due to my spend to pay the bills, I have to work somewhere other than Etsy. I wish I could spend all my time and efforts on my crocheting and photography but many factors are preventing me from doing so.

So I finally had a full day to do nothing but Etsy. As I have said before in previous blog posts, I pulled out of the gift shop that I had been selling in and as a result have a large amount of inventory that I needed to post on my shop. Yesterday I finally went through a great deal of it.

Here is a list of the links to the items that I added yesterday:

I think this is the most items I have posted in one day!

I also worked on my Flickr account: I haven't really done much with this site since starting but I figured out how to do certain things like add my photo's to group pages.

Also I put some more bids on ad space with Project Wonderful. I have definitely noticed my views increasing since I started using Project Wonderful. This is a site that if you put more money into your going to see more results. I will say though with my less than $5 a week budget I have been putting into it I think I have been getting my money's worth. I would definitely suggest this site to other Etsians.

As you can see I had a very productive day. OH! and almost forgot! I had my 1st international sale! The sale was to Japan. Despite the distance and not having a scale at home I did not under estimate my shipping. Having a good experience with selling international makes me more confident about doing it again.

The only thing I did not do yesterday was blog! Ha!
Thanks for reading!
Have a Nice Day!


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