Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'd like to take a post and promote my other Etsy shop. ANiemanPhotography

Here I sell my photographs as image files. They are priced by file size. ( 1 mb = $1). I also sell prints in various sizes.

I have not had any sales in this shop so I wanted to post a blog and share the thumbnails I use to hopefully increase business.

I am selling the files to be used as either desktop wallpapers, screen savers, or stock photos. They can be used in the ever popular digital photo-frames. All I ask is that you are ethical with their use. You can even get have the images printed yourself.

The file that you buy will not have my copyright on it and it will be much larger in size. This means that it will have better quality for large screens or printing.

I am not very greedy with my photography. I love it and wish to do more of it one day. I think art should be affordable and easily obtained by all.

Please enjoy and have a nice day!

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