Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some new Stuff on Etsy

This past week I took a bunch of items out of my booth at the gift shop to make room for some new items. These items I think were either too big for the shop or I priced them too high to begin with. They now have new prices and great pictures, that I think will help them sell.

I have posted four so far in my shop, a red and green throw, a trivet, a set of coasters, and a green and white afghan. They are all pictured in this post.

I am planning on removing items from my booth at the end of each season. I will lower the prices and post them on Etsy. This will hopefully decrease my inventory as well as promote online sales.

I am also going to take some business classes. The University of Akron offers some continuing education classes. There are a bunch I would love to take but I think I am going to start with How to Start Your Own Business. I think It will help me with my crocheting and Photography as well as my Interior Design.

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