Monday, December 3, 2012

Avant-Garde Art and Craft Show

Yesterday was my first craft show and the first Avant-Garde Art and Craft show in Akron. It was at the Tangier and all in all it was a good day for me.  I had a great experience with my husband and we had some great friends and family stop by and show their support.

There were some glitches which I think would be expected from all shows on their first year at a certain location. We lacked wifi in our spot but luckily it didn't cost me any sales. There were also some lighting issues in the other rooms, but I think they will have that all fixed by the Spring show.

I am very happy I participated and can't wait to do my next show. In the mean time I will be adding all my unsold items to my Etsy shop. I am still taking custom orders on scarves until this coming Friday the 7th for xmas. Unfortunately I will not be able to finish any afghans or larger items because of other larger orders in the que.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about ordering my products or other services I have listed on my website.

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