Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week One of the Closet Challenge

Here are the first week of pictures in my Shopping my Closet Challenge. Now please keep in mind I may look really angry in some of these pictures, as my previous post stated, I am fighting a cold and these were in the middle of that sickness. 

Day One: Very simple with a pop of color.
Day Two: Brought the teal together with my tanktop and earrings.

Day Three: You are going to have to ignore the shoes. I wear these boots until I get to work where I keep my heels. I have a 30 minute drive and doing it in heels is not preferred.

Day Four: The height of my sickness,  I probably should have called off this day. 

Day Five: Have to admit I need to try this one with a belt to help make me look slimmer in the middle. But such a comfortable outfit.

Just so you know, my days off of work are also my days off from the camera. Although I will be adhering to the challenge I will not be posting pictures of my outfits for those days.

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