Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hanging Artwork

So I’m going to be going out of order a little bit but we will get back on track eventually.

But I must tackle one of my biggest pet peeves, art hung incorrectly. Many people hang are too high. I think we equate art with up on the wall and up is the wrong direction. There are a couple rules to follow and a couple tools of the trade you must have before starting your project.

First the tools:

Hammer and picture hooks (not just nails):
    Picture hooks hold the weight of the piece of art more evenly against the wall and will decrease
    any falling art mishaps.
     Unless you have been hanging art your whole life chances are your eye is not the best at checking
     how level your piece is.
Tape Measure
a Pencil

The Rules:
1. When hanging art above a sofa the bottom of the piece should be approximately 6” from the top of your sofa. This way your are feels connected to your sofa as if they are working together not trying to run away from each other.
2. When there is no piece of furniture to guide your placement always hang your art at average person eye level. The average person is 5’6”/ 5’7” not 6’. It is amazing how much of a difference 5 or 6 inches makes.

Red Trees original acrylic painting on canvas triptych

3. On medium and large pieces of art always use two picture hooks. Why? This actually does two things. 1. It gives you stability and decreases those falling mishaps we talked about earlier. and 2. It allows you to adjust your level of your art with ease, just a little push to one side or the other and the level changes. Unlike when you have just one nail and your fiddling with the picture till it gets into balance and then sometimes it doesn’t want to stay where you need to have it stay (frustrating!).
4. Measure twice, hammer once! it works for cutting wood and it also works for hanging art. Make sure when measuring keep in mind where the wire hangs on the back of the art. Taking this into account can help big time!

Alright now its time for you to take down all your art patch your holes, paint the patches and try again! LOL or you can just start with your next piece of art, where ever your ambition lies!

Please email me with question on any of the above! I would be more than happy to help you with your projects. If you live in the Akron/ Cleveland area and don’t want to attempt to hang your own pictures, email me at for a price quote.

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