Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting over myself

Lately I have been reading many blogs about starting your own business and how to be successful on Etsy. One of the most common threads throughout is that you are your own worst enemy.

I have realized that I am the one holding my business back. My efforts have been less that desirable to succeed in Etsy endeavor. Instead of sitting in my office working on my marketing, listings etc for my shop, I have my butt planted in front of the television with the distraction of reality TV interrupting my work.

I only get to work on my etsy shop on my days off. I need to start taking advantage of the time that I have to myself. My house is empty most of the day which is a perfect environment to get some blogging etc done.

As an effort to grow my business I am going to "get over myself" and set up shop on my two days off from work. Dedicated and enthusiasm renewed I am ready to work toward my goals!

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