Monday, September 14, 2009

My Favorite Site for Great Original Acessories

Part of our fashion looks are what covers less than 10% of our bodies; accessories. They can change a t-shirt and jeans into something really special. The right pair of earring can frame a woman’s face, the right shoes  can make the outfit and so on and so on.

The majority of the women on the TGAAD are removing new clothes from their fashion diet. I on the other hand I decided to go on an extreme diet, not purchasing anything new to add to my whole wardrobe head to toe. No jewelry, no shoes, no leggings, etc etc.

I really want to try to learn to use only what I have to put together my day to day looks. I want to lower my impact on the environment as well as help my bank account.

So that brings me to the point of this blog. While I am not going to buy anything new for my wardrobe that doesn’t mean you won’t so I wanted to pass along my fav site for accessories!

I not only love this site because I am a shop owner ( ANiemanCrochet and AniemanPhotography) but also because it promotes people selling handmade or vintage goods. There are a variety of different artist using various mediums, the majority of which are small business owners.

Please check out this site and help small businesses and some very talented artists and crafters!

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