Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why did La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery of Northeast Ohio Hire 7 New Employees This February? The New Nesting Trend

A new trend has been appearing in this economic climate that has been a good thing for specialty furniture retailers. People are not only looking for the best value for their money but they are also looking for new ways to brighten up their living spaces.

More and more families are tightening their budgets and staying at home. Going out to dinner and the movies can be expense and there is a trend right now to stay at home or nest. Nesting can be a great way to save a little money and become closer as a family.

La-Z-Boy has noticed a trend of families coming into their showrooms looking to re-do their family rooms because the noticed their sofa, love-seat or recliner have seen better days. They figure they will be spending more time in their family rooms and want to invest in their homes.

Consumers are not only looking for a great deal but even more important a great value. Furniture can be beautiful and cheap but will it last you for 10 years?? Chances are if you buy furniture at drastically low prices your furniture will not be lasting more than a couple years. This is why people are coming into La-Z-Boy.

La-Z-Boy’s furniture is built to last. When I started telling people I was hired by La-Z-Boy there was an overwhelming response of “they make great furniture” or “their furniture really lasts.” With not much money to go around people want something that they do not want to worry about in the long run.

This February I was part of a 7 person training class. I never expected this many people to be hired on at once especially in this economy. As we started out three week training course I came to realize that this company really cares. They care that we are prepared when we hit the sales floor, that we know our product, that their furniture is quality and full of value. I have never had this much training for a position and I wish more companies approached their sales training in this way.

La-Z-Boy sincerely wants you to find the best furniture for your house and family. They have prepared us to answer your question from day one and to show you the value in our furniture. There is a sense of security in this statement. We want you to know that everything about your furniture. There is nothing to hold back. I feel very secure in my company and I hope you will too.

Please come and see me at the La-Z-Boy in Fairlawn Ohio and I will help you design your nest for comfort and longevity!

Your La-Z-Boy Sales Consultant,

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