Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Else is Available at Your Local La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery?

La-Z-Boy is very product of it’s brand recognition being number one in the furniture industry. Most people associate the word La-Z-Boy with a recliner and even call the competition’s recliners lazy-boy’s because the think that another name for a recliner is lazy-boy.

If you have never sat in a genuine La-Z-Boy before than you do not know what you re missing. For those of you who have sat in one you know that there is no competition to their comfort. Most people that walk into a La-Z-Boy furniture gallery come in specifically for the recliner and recognize little of what the gallery has to offer other than recliners.

La-Z-Boy furniture has a great reputation for being well made and comfortable. but did you know your La-Z-Boy could be stylist too? Over the next couple of weeks I would like to introduce you to several products that my La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery in Fairlawn Ohio offers other than recliners. There are a variety of design services that would be utilized by more people if they just knew about them.

I invite you to come visit me at anytime in person at the Fairlawn La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery. We are located at the corner of Cleveland Massillon and West Market Street, next to the Circle K.

I hope to see you soon!
Your La-Z-Boy Sales Design Consultant

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