Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Inventory Reduction Sale- Name Your Own Price

I have been getting ready to introduce new items into my shop for the new year. Unfortunately there are older items in their way and I cannot post new items till the old ones are gone. So I have decided to have a Name Your Own Price Sale!

During this sale you will be able to choose your item from any of my categories except the Sale categories. After you have chosen the item or items that you would like, convo me with your prices. I will make sure the prices are reasonable and then respond. After approved I will edit the listing with your new price and reserve it for only you!!

You can suggest a price for one or multiple items! Most prices will be accepted!

Now Go Shopping in my Etsy Shop!

1 comment:

Ray Zen of CLE said...

Your photos are cool. I didn't know you were into photogging! See you tonight!


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