Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coffee Cozies - An EveryDay Eco Change

After ordering your grande coffee with room for cream (or other variety of coffee drink you prefer) you grab a cardboard coffee cozy to keep your paws from being burned by your hot hot cup.

Stop, and think for a moment. Although the cozies are made from mostly recycled paper products, do you recycle them when you are done with your drink? Most people would answer no and I am just as guilty as most.

There is hope though! I along with a variety of other crafters have started making their own versions of of the coffee cozy. These cozies are made out of everything from fabric to yarn. they are attached to key chains and worn as wrist bands.

Here are my versions:

Reusable coffee cozies are wonderful for the environment. The can be used over and over and over again!! If you want to make a small change or take baby steps changing to a reusable coffee cozy is a great way to go.

(These coffee cozies are now on SALE!)

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