Thursday, August 28, 2008

Super Use

On the left of this blog you will see a growing list of links that are associated with Design to Save the World. I would like to explain the Superuse link a little more as it is a great resource for designers and all those interested in recycling.

Superuse is a site where individuals can share ideal, projects and new information in the design world. There are designers, students, architects and various other people interested in re-usable design posting and sharing on this site.

A user can post articles for others to view, vote and comment on. It is a portal for sharing information, which is one of my passions in life. New ideas need to be scene in order to become great ideas in the mind of the public. This site I believe helps push these ideas out there.

Ideas need to be shared in order to be realized. In the growing industry of design, pushing these ideas to the forefront is the key for making a difference. A resource such as this is great for everyone to participate in and get something out of in return.

Please take a look and pass it on!

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