Friday, June 20, 2008

Yart Sale and ReUseable products

So the first Etsy Yart sale is drawing to a close. I unfortunately did not sell any of my yart sale items. I did sell one item that was not apart of my yart sale, which made me extremely happy. The item was small but every little sale makes me happy.

The item sold was my Crochetd Brown ReUseable Coffee Cozy(that is one long name for an item).

I thought that this would have been more popular of an item seeing as many people drink coffee and reusing a drink cozy is very eco-friendly. I truly think that Etsy sellers and buyers are not as "green" as one may think. I would hope that the Etsy community would be and would be looking for ways to decrease waste or natural resources.

I do see a great deal of sellers who recycle in their shop, but I wonder how hard core these individuals are about the environment. I hope that they would all be doing their best to preserve our resources.

I understand that some people do not have the ability to partake in certain environmentally practices. My boyfriend and I would love to be able to recycle more, but our apartment complex does not recycled. We have to find a place to drop off our glass and plastics. We already recycle plastic bags by taking them to Giant Eagle and we drop off paper at our local churches and schools that have recycle dumpsters.

The things we don't have control over are the things we can't afford to use or do. We both cannot afford new cars. My boyfriend's gets better gas mileage than mine but we are still using a lot more gas to get from point a to point b than we would like. We not only cannot afford to use solar panel but also are not allowed to add such items to our apartment.

I hope that people who can afford to make changes in their lifestyles do. Even if it is only by not using a new paper cozy every time they order their coffee from the coffee shop.

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