Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I got a job!

Today I had an interview this morning with Ethan Allen. My first interview of my job search. It went pretty well but I was not offered a job. She was still conducting interviews and I will probably hear back from her in a week or so.

After that interview though I had a call from Dillards Home Store ro come in and interview with them. I did and after interviewing with two people, I was offered a job. A job that started TONIGHT!

They have training classes that are only offered once a month and the one for September is tonight at 5:30-8. I kinda expected half hoped they would offer me a position but I never expected I would start tonight.

I've decided to take the job even though Ethan Allen would be more desirable and more in my field. Also Ethan Allen is commission based and would be a financial struggle for the first 6 to 12 months. I am keeping myself open though to other design positions. And if Ethan Allen does call I may leave Dillards.

As for crafting, I have a meeting with the manager of the River City Gift Shoppe in COpley tom morning to show her some of my work and to discuss booth space. I love my crocheting and will never give it up. If the booth does well I will definately look fro a better design job even if it is commission based( which almost all are).

I'm extremely excited and hope this job works out!

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