Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yeah... its been a while...


Dillard's absorbed me after starting there in October. It drew me away from my crochet world and i was unable or mental in the mood to write in the blog. Dillard's is crazy. I don't hate working there I just wish I was using my degree more than I am right now.

I spent four years at school and I'm doing a job that someone without a degree can do. Although I will say most of the employees who do really well at selling have degrees of some sort either bachelors or associates.

I just wish i was doing something that was more a long the lines of design. I think I picked the wrong field of design. I think if I had chosen industrial or commercial, i would have had more opportunities to find a more suitable job. A job that is more design orientated.

I am still actively looking.

Now things have slowed down at Dillard's after Christmas and inventory and I have found more time for crocheting. I am selling at a craft shoppe in Copley called the River City Gift Shoppe. It is off of Cleveland-Massilon Road.

I love selling there but the traffic isn't great. I think once more people discover it the traffic will increase. Spring will probably help as well. I am making a line of purses that I am extremely proud of so far. The colors are bright and fun! I hope to put pics up as soon as I am fully done with the first couple.

I miss writing here and hope to keep up with this now that I have more time.

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