Thursday, January 3, 2013


Organizing is a great way to get motivated. An organized home can help anyone be more productive in the new year. I love organizing but when things aren'r organized for ease they can quickly become unorganized again. I find that this is where I often fail in my organizing efforts in my own home.

In an effort to become more organized this year in my home and in my life, I am putting together some of my favorite inspirational organizing tips and projects. My pinterest board Organize has been put together with the goal in mind to get more organized. If you are looking for some inspiration and some motivation follow my board.

Also I wanted to share a sample here of some of my favorite organizing tips. Below are some of my favorite pins.

The Wrapping Station

The Laundry Station

The Cleaning Station

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Meikah YbaƱez-Delid said...

Thanks for the tip! I really need to do this! :D


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