Monday, January 14, 2013

Design Trend: Brass

A great design trend that is popping up everywhere is Brass. Brass can be a great accent and it doesn't have to be dated either. When some people think about brass they picture the old door knobs that are a glossy right brass and are not that attractive, and I will  be the first one to admit I'm one of them. So how do you make brass less unattractive? 

Brass that is shinny can be a little harsh, and I believe thats why some people think of it as unattractive. To remedy this try to find an antiqued brass or vintage brass. The difference between bright and brassy and aged and brassy are huge when adding a great deal of it to your room. And lets face it, when it comes to metals they tend to be a large part of a room's appearance. They are on your door knobs, your light fixtures, your drawer pulls, so a less abrasive metal is not only more appealing but more relaxing. 

Here are some different ways to use the Brass design trend in your home with Etsy!

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