Monday, November 19, 2012

What I learned From the End of the Season Garage Sale

November is the worst time to do a garage sale. (Well December and January are probably worse but I'm not willing to try one in those months).

Most people stopped by because they were interested to see that someone was actually holding a garage sale in November. Although I am glad we did it because we did sell somethings and ended up with more money than we started, the garage sale would have been much more successful in the Spring early summer.

Now everything is packed away on the one side of the garage so that come spring we can try again. And maybe by then I will have gone through the rest of our house to find more things. I also learned that I need to advertise a little more and you need to put an ad in the paper a week before the actual date.

Since I was recently unemployed it did help give me something to do in between looking for work, and the extra money was much needed. I also got some much needed crocheting done, finishing two circle scarves and a baby blanket! So all in all a productive weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I learned that tree trimming is a worthy activity while waiting for customers.


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