Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weeks of Fun!

Thank you for everyone who joined me for food week on A. Nieman Design. It is the first of many themed weeks coming up. I find it a lot easier to plan out my blogs when there is an ongoing theme. So until I get bored or lazy, which ever comes first, I will be theming my weeks on A. Nieman Design.

Please send me any requests for special themes you would like me to feature. I will of course take these featured themes through my usual blog titles with Item's of the Day, Pins of the week and Blogger features. All comments and feedback is appreciated!

Since it is Sunday its the star of a new week, and a new theme. This week is Bedrooms! to start out the week please take a gander over to my Bedroom Board on Pinterest! Please follow if you like what you see!

Here is one snippet of what the board has to offer!

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