Friday, April 13, 2012

Best Saving's To Date

I have been couponing for awhile and I will be the first to admit that I am not a coupon queen. But I have been getting better and better at saving at the grocery store.

Lately I have been collecting all the coupons that I can and waiting for one big shopping trip in the month (usually surrounding my monthly commission check). The day of, I have been pulling up the Giant Eagle ad and making sure I grab all the coupons that have items on sale. Just these two simple things have helped me increase my savings.

My last greatest savings was around $50, but now I have surpassed that and am now at $73.41! It's not a free grocery bill but that s a huge savings for me and my fiance'. Since I bought quite a bit I probably wont have to go back to the grocery store to do a big shop till at least next month if not the month after that! Of course I will need to pick up the essentials every so often, like milk, eggs, and banana's.

This proves that you don't have to go crazy with coupons to save some money. I don't spend hours everyday organizing my coupons and calculating my savings, dumpster diving for coupons and other methods coupon queens use for their savings. I simple cut coupons, keep them in an organized binder by expiration date and pair them with weekly specials and last but not least save my food perks from Giant Eagle until I have a large % available.

I may not ever get to a free bill, but I'm saving money and that's what counts!

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