Monday, March 12, 2012

Up Coming Wedding

Lately I have been very busy putting together my upcoming wedding. I am getting married to my wonderful fiance' on June 2nd 2012. We have a very tight budget and I think the stress of staying within it is making me crazy.

We are having our wedding at a hotel which takes up the majority of our budget. We could have rented a hall and spent less but we had a couple reasons in mind. First of all we have been to several weddings that have been hosted at hotels and enjoyed the fact that we could go back to our room after the wedding instead of having to drive home. Not having to drive home will allow some of our guest to relax a little more and would keep them from endangering themselves and other if they plan on drinking at our event.

The other main reason is that my family lives all over the place. They would have to find a hotel anyways, this way they can stay at the hotel for a great price and not have to worry about renting a car or other transportation.

To cut costs we are also having the ceremony and reception in the same place. This means, no need for a limo. It also cuts the cost of travel for our guest. A win win for sure!

Stay tuned for some more money saving ideas on planning a wedding as well as some other creative idea we are using that are upcoming trends in wedding planning.

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