Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where to Start? Finding Your Inspiration

Original Oil Painting

Before starting any design a concept needs to be formulated. Leading the formation of a concept is your inspiration. Designers usually gain their inspiration for their clients as they are introduced to their home.

The first entrance into someone's home is an important threshold. Not only are your clients letting you in to one of the most private places of their lives, it is the center of their lives and family. As you start your own design concept keep that in mind. Your home is not just your house. There are so many aspects that make your house your home.

Many designers will begin by asking you some simple questions. I have listed them below so you can use them in the planning stage of your design.

What pieces would you like to keep in your room?
What feel would you like for your room?
What activities will take place in your room?
What would you like your focal point to be?(follow my blog for a future article on determining focal points)
What colors do you want to use? (future article to come on choosing colors)
How many seats do you need?

These few questions can give you a great starting part. Answer these questions honestly and involve the other people in your family to get their input.

Follow my blog for the next article which will give you some different options for inspiration pieces to start your design from.

Also feel free to email me at with your questions or for information about person room consolations.

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aquariann said...

Great questions to inspire brainstorming!


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