Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finding a Piece to Inspire You

Inspiration can come from a multitude of different sources. Some get their inspiration from a piece of art or a piece of furniture. Others get their inspiration from magazines or TV shows.

If you are coming up with a mental block on finding inspiration, the first thing I want you to do is look around your room. Is there anything in there now that you find amazing, a personal connection or is something you just would like to keep. Starting with your own place, your own room can be a great jumping off point. Picking a piece that you would like to highlight more in your space can give you multiple leads to directing your room. It can give you your color scheme, style, or theme.

Pair Vintage Art Deco Louise XV Belgium Vases

If there is nothing in your space you would like to keep start looking through online magazines, home stores and shops for inspiration. One great thing about is that their blog offers lots of great ideas for room themes, and styles. Bookmark items you are drawn too and a theme will start to unravel. When looking through magazines start tearing out the pages that inspire you. As a designer I love it when clients bring me pictures for inspiration, it give me a great starting point to formulating the design concept for their space.

Some great sites to use for finding your inspiration:

Find some items for you inspiration. Next time we will be talking about using color for inspiration whether it comes from your inspiration piece or some other source.

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