Friday, May 20, 2011

This Weekend Only! $10 Scarves

For this weekend only, ALL my scarves in my Etsy Shop will be on sale for $10! I need to clear out my inventory before we make the big move. 

Remember too that all items in my shop (minus the ones for chairty) are Free to ship! This includes all the $10 scarves!

Get started early for the winter season with these great deals!


Silver said...

the photo is gorgeous

Pearl said...

Hi there! I know I'm late..but do you still have scarves? Is this promo still in effect? yeah, i posted it months ago..just asking:-)

A. Nieman said...

Pearl: Yes I am still selling my scarves for $10, the problem is that my inventory is split between two place since i'm moving. That is why my Etsy shop is closed right now.

Is there one that you are interested in?


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