Sunday, November 22, 2009

Too busy to even shop

I know I haven’t been here to write in a while nor have I had much time to write on my own blog. This with the diet are going alright seeing as I don’t have much time to shop anymore with working 50 hours a week.

I just took a new position at work, I don’t know if I have told you about it or not. My mind is a mess and today has been the first day off that I have actually had a chance to think. So, I am now the store designer at my LaZBoy in Fairlawn Ohio. For those of you who don’t know where Fairlawn is, which I wouldn’t be surprised, it is just outside of Akron, Ohio. 

With taking this new position I realized that I needed to go through my wardrobe and make sure I have outfits that really do say “Interior Designer.” So far so good, but I am making a list of essential items my closet seems to lack. The list isn’t too long yet but I am sure by next September it will be a mile long.

Also while going through my closet I realized a lot of my essentials like spaghetti strapped undershirts are going to fall apart by next September, if not before. Those items are also going on the list. 

I just hope that there aren’t too many things on the list that it negates the whole reason I am doing this in the first place, to save money. It would suck if the money I am saving equaled the amount I would need to spend in September to replace and update my closet. Let hope I save more than that!

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