Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TGAAD: New Job and Update on the Diet

In an effort to make some extra money to pay off all my bills and start saving fora new job I signed up to a mark. Rep( my mark. store).  It was very inexpensive to start up and I really enjoy their products, but the only problem is they sell clothing!

I love their clothing and in order to sell it, it would be ideal to have some to wear. Yet, I have decided to stick to my diet and add a ton of those items to my wish list for Christmas, my birthday and 11 months from now.

Besides the temptations in the mark. catalog, I think I have been doing really good so far. There are some things that I have been droooling over on Etsy and at the mall but my purse has remained shut. Like today for example, my fiance Joe and I went shopping for jeans for him. I saw sooo many items I wanted to add to my closet but I was very good. It also helped having him there for support. He also offered to buy me something, something that I really need. Well there are quite a few things that I need but the one thing I reaally need ( and want): a jean jacket.

It would figure that since he was offering to buy me something, we could not find one that was a. in his price range and b. is what I want. The one I really had in mind was at New York and Company and of course they were sold out. After check a couple other stores, nothing. Oh Well, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

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