Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Total Room: Finding Shabby Chic on Etsy

A Total Room: Shabby Chic

Lately I have been posting just some items that I feel are neat design accents sold on Etsy. For some people that doesn’t help them with the whole picture. That is why I am starting a new series with styles and using some Etsy only items together in rooms.

The first room is Shabby chic. Shabby Chic from my perspective is a simplified


ude toward country. It is based on whites and creams then bring colors in

in accents. When picking your accent colors, pick three colors. One will be the dominant one in this example it is pink. The next two add interest by putting them in subtly, that way they do not fight with the main color and cause confusion. Simple is best in a shabby chic room.

Lets start with the headboard:

Add some solid white bed linens:

Layer with pillows:

Some white:

Some Cream:

Don’t be afriad to use So called kitchen furniture in your bed room:

Like this piece:

Everyone needs a mirror in the bedroom:

Every room needs lighting:

And then build with colorful accessories:

Like a hook for your bath rob:

Some decorative hat boxes:

And tie it all together with a little love:

I would love to hear you comments and feedback!


Hoosier Homemade said...

Those are some great finds! Thanks for sharing!

360Jewels said...

Very pretty finds. You have an artistic eye for decoration!


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