Saturday, May 16, 2009

Being an Interior Designer vs. Being a Sales Man

Over the course of the past couple months I have realized, that although I am a pretty good sales person I enjoy being a designer more. For every customer that I work with, I am liking more and more the ones that ask me to help them with their entire space.

One chair although they are great chairs and sometimes you can really make someone's day fitting them with the best chair for their needs can be very rewarding. But I find that I am more rewarded when I am working on a long term project.

Working with someone for an hour to find them a great chair or love seat or recliner is a short term gratification. It's wonderful making a sale, it means that I am making money and who doesn't love money. I would like to make money and have long term gratification at the same time.

I am beginning to feel that selling on a commission scale only results in short term gratification and that without building great report with a customer who wants more from you than to be done with you and onto their next stop of the day. I wait for the customers who actually want my opinion on design and functionality of their entire space.

If you are looking for someone who is interested in your whole room, your entire living space, within your spending plan, please come and see me at the La-Z-Boy in Fairlawn Ohio at the corner of Cleveland Massolin and West Market Street. I would love the privilege to help you make your house a home.

Ask for Alison!!

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