Saturday, January 17, 2009

Calendar of Events- What is First on My List?

I have been think about how and when I am going to finish all the projects I have started. I set up a preliminary time table for the leftover projects. I posted some projects that I had finished, having one blanket left that I may end up selling prior to posting it online. NowI have those out of the way I an start concentrating on my unfinished projects.

First on my list are my tiny cakes. I am considering these items as part of Valentines Day as they are going to be marketed for weddings so their completion date is February 1rst. Wedding season is slowly creeping up on us and will be in full swing in April May June and July. They bridal shows have already started meaning newly engaged couples are already planning.

Completion of the tiny cakes includes finishing all details, organizing how and at what price I will sell them and posting them on Etsy and on my blog as well. This will probably be my most complex items to order custom so I will need to get out all the kinks in my descriptions prior to hitting the "add a new item" button.

Soon I will be posting on the blog all the details for young brides and wedding planners to order their party favors or tiny crocheted cakes.

Next I will need to market wisely during this time, concentrating mainly on wedding/ party sites. I also plan on marketing them as party favors for other events, as well as center pieces and name cards. I am sinking a lot into these little guys so hopefully they will be the next big trend!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just found your blog in the Etsy forum...

I thought you and your artsy readers might want to participate in a Crafty Valentine Exchange I am hosting on my blog:

Sign ups end Jan. 29th...Come Play!


Sweetwater Designs said...

Just entrecard dropping but had to tell you that your banner and background are tres lovely! :)


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