Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm Addicted to Paper Towels!

Earlier today while preparing a marinade for tonight's dinner, I had a revelation: I am addicted to paper towels. I found myself using way too many paper towels as I wiped the counter down, as I washed my hands. I knew that we should be using more cloth towels but I never really counted how many I used.

The other day I had questioned how fast we were going through our roll. I had not realized it was so fast until I looked at the roll today, half filled. My mom always tried to use cloth towels. I was raised not to waste things. Somehow the convenience of wasting paper caught up with me.

It was so much easier in college just to take another sheet off the roll. I never had time to do loads of laundry. Now that I'm not in school I have more of a set schedule (even though retail is not as set as I would like it to be). I find I have more time to do laundry and clean.

A lot of people use paper towels daily in their cleaning cooking when they would just as easily use a cloth towel or old shirt as a rag. If all the people that use towels as cleaning tools used an old t-shirt instead the usage of paper would decrease significantly.

It is such a simple thing to do and I have pledge to break my addiction. I have added a hook in the kitchen over the sink for a towel to dry my hands. I am going to cut up some old t-shirts to use for dusting and cleaning.

I just hope that people read this blog and see how paper towels are a big waste of resources.

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