Friday, July 11, 2008

The Forgotten Projects - Part 2

This Wednesday I started a article series called The Forgotten Projects. To recap the purpose of this series is to help me get organized and sort through all my unfinished projects. Last time I promised to make a list of projects that needed to be finished. As I was making this list I realized I needed to prioritize my projects as well as include the new orders that I was receiving.

Here is my list along with explanations for the ordering:

Finish my grandmother's purse. Not only will this be long over due but it will also make her very happy. She has not said anything about it for a while and i think it will surprise her when she gets the package in the mail. Along with making her happy, it will also have the added bonus of her using it and bragging about her granddaughter.

Promo Bookmarks. About a week or so ago I answered a Etsy forum post for promos. She needs them by a certain date to get these "thanks for purchasing goody baggies" together. I need to make thirty.

My boyfriends belt. My boyfriend asked me me to make him a belt because he could find one to match his new shorts that he received for his b-day.

Take pictures of two tractors. About a month or so ago a women contacted me through A.Nieman Photography asking me to take a picture of these two tractors. Her husband was a huge fan of the one, she was a huge fan of the other. She asked that I make a digital image of the two facing each other. She gave me no time frame but i feel i need to get this done because her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

Pillow for custom order. I had a request for one of my crocheted pillows. No time frame on this one because she is having problems with her pay pal and doesn't want me to start until she gets it all settled. I have to buy all the materials still.

Finish other purses. I have a couple of purses that need their linings sewn in and/or snaps attached.

De construct. As I was going through my forgotten projects I realized I stopped most of them because I messed up then I abandoned them without undoing the yarn. I need to undo the yarn to I can use it for something else.

Well thats the list. My next step will be setting a calendar of dates for completion of each project. I will post this on my blog using my Google calendar. Hopefully I will finish this tomorrow since I have the day off of work.

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