Thursday, March 13, 2008

Design to Save the World

I'm sure I have talked about it before but I have another blog.

I have been trying to turn it into a resource for people to find Eco-friendly, organic and green products. Each day I have posted a different seller in a spotlight to share their work. It is not a length feature just something for people to check out and get an idea about teh seller and what they offer.

It is important to me to share sellers that have similar values as I do about the environment. Please stop by my other blog and fill out the survey if you feel you are an eco-seller. I'm trying to be able to do it everyday and will notify you when I post a feature.

If you are not an etsy seller please fill out the survey and add the information you think I should share about you and your eco products. I welcome all to fill out the survey.

Thanks so much!

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