Friday, October 23, 2015 and Living Social

If you haven't heard already is a new online shopping site. I tried it out the other day and would have to say I am pretty impressed.

The premise of Jet is that the more your shop the more you save. Fairly simple. Whats cool is that there are certain items that are great to ship together etc that they will give you extra discounts to purchase with products that are already in your cart. You can see the extra savings pile up and you get free shipping on order $35 of more. 

BUT before you get started try it for FREE! Okay not totally free but pretty close. Here's what you need to do:

1. Follow this link to Living Social
2. Purchase the $30 for $10 deal. 
3. Sign up for a new account(only available on new accounts so if you have jet already, sorry!)
4. Go to and spend only what you have to! I filled my cart to the amount that I need to get free shipping, $35.
5. Apply the Living Social Deal and Look At your Total! I ended up at $0.56.
6. AND how do you get it for free?????? (or almost free) Living Social gives you a link (hence why I'm asking you for follow mine above) that if three people buy the same deal from your link you get it FREE! 

Here is my receipt:

Price Subtotal                 $36.44
Extra Savings                  -$5.83
PROMO                        -$30.05
Shipping Fee                   FREE
Estimated Tax                  $0.00
Order Total         $0.56

I actually think this site will catch on a lot. It is very simple to use and I am finding that it is easier to find products I might now have purchased in store because of how overwhelming the grocery store can be these days. 

Try it out for yourself and see what you think. Please leave some comments about what you think. And thank you for those of you who followed my referral link!


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