Monday, October 6, 2014

Updates on the Budget

Sticking to the new grocery budget has proven difficult. Getting down to a smaller budget each week is going to take some getting use to and some changes to the way we deal with meals.

As you know I don't have a steady schedule so meal planning is difficult. The past couple months, with changes going on at work, my schedule has been even more unsteady. And coming up next month my schedule will be changing even more.

So how to adapt your budget to an ever changing schedule? A stock pile.

My stock pile is really dwindling right now due to my lack of dedication to my coupon binder. It unfortunately is almost empty.... It is amazing the impact of not having a full or even semi full stock pile. I find it very difficult to plan meals in tight budget months. We have limited options for eating at home and then we end up eating out and going over budget.

Here is my goal for the rest of the year, October, November and December: ReStock my Stock Pile!

How and I going to achieve this: Coupons! and Sales!

It's time to get back to basics, and when a coupon guru tells you how important a stock pile is, trust me, believe them!

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