Monday, May 19, 2014

One Month Later

So I am supposed to be back at this.... and its been a month since my last post. Whoops.

I think what is causing me to procrastinate is my indecision on what to write about. Do I want to write about design, work, money, fashion, my personal life? Well chances are I'm not going to get much into my personal life beyond myself, there are some things that need to stay private.

So eliminating my personal life, that leaves design, work, money, and fashion. All of which I have interest in or insight in, whether its worth sharing who knows. Am I an expert? No, not really. I am an Interior Designer so that is the only thing that I could call myself an expert at, but I don't believe you get to call yourself an expert until after 10 years of experience(I'm only at about 6).

Realistically don't expect a post from me everyday. I work retail and the hours are so all over the place that it leaves little room for consistency.  Writing here is more about creating consistency than anything else.

Also what should I post about?
What did you enjoy in the past and what would you like to see in the future?

Your feedback is great appreciated!

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