Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to Pull off an Eclectic Design

There are so many different types of motif's in this one design but yet they are all pulled together. How is that accomplished? The repetition of one individual aspect or motif. Gold. 

The gold splashed around the room is the uniting factor in the design. Walk your eyes from left to right.  Gold turn arm lamp with a trifold leg. Gold frame with a gold lamp for illumination of the artwork. Gold candelabra style urns on the metallic walls as accents. The gold trim around the fireplace opening. Golden legs on the coffee table. And sprinkled throughout are a few accessories in gold. Finally a golden hued piece of art that is dramatically different from the piece on the opposite wall. 

Having the gold follow through in this way allows the eye to find a sense of peace in the chaos of the design mess thus making the visual mess tidy and with purpose. It creates a calming affect to have things or ideas that are familiar in value evenly distributed amongst the non-familiar.

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