Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting a Head Start on the New Year

Now is the perfect time to get started on the new year. It is time to start the "Winter Spring Cleaning" as I like to call it.

The Holidays are close to over and the only party left starts the new year. So why not take advantage of the positive mind power in the air and apply it to your home.

So what is "Winter Spring Cleaning"? It can be as simple as just cleaning up the house to make it feel more a peace. Re-organizing christmas decorations into bins, moving around you accessories in your home, or switching out the towels in the bathroom can just be a few changes you need to make to rejuvenate your home.

The Winter can be a hard time to tackle large projects, but you will be amazed on how big of a change little moves can make in your home. Start with a plan. January has 4 weeks to it. Each week plan out one activity that you want to do in your home. By the end of January you will have a new home(well almost new).

The feeling you get when you have accomplished these tasks and experience a new feeling in you home can greatly affect you mood. Get out of the winter depression and make your home aid you to a happy winter season.

Suggestions of Activities to Tackle This January:

Reorganize Holiday Decorations
Move accessories around, table to table or room to room
Clean out the coat closet
Reorganize the Kitchen cabinets
Move your art work
Try a different lighting plan

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