Friday, May 6, 2011

A stream of good luck

Today I had some errands to run which included going to the bank at Giant Eagle and going to Michaels for some yarn to name a few.

While I was at the the grocery store I decided to pick up a gift card to Michaels for my purchase of yarn and to get some much needed fuel perks. When I reached the register the friendly clerk laughingly asked me what I will be buying at Michaels. I replied yarn and she proceeded to ask me if I crochet or knit. After answering crochet she asked me if I could make her a blanket and how much it would be! I luckily had my business cards on me and invited her to check out my Etsy shop and place a custom order. How cool is that! This is the first time this has ever happened to me.

After that I was on cloud nine, I proceeded to Michaels to pick up yarn for another custom order I was beginning. I received a coupon this morning for 25% off my regular priced items. Usually with my luck, the yarn that I want to buy is on sale and I cannot apply the 25% off coupon. Crossing my fingers as I turned down the aisle, my yarn was not on sale! I could use my coupon!

Once I reached the register and used my recently purchased gift card, the cashier told me they were out of bags. She tried to open a trash bag to put my yarn it but getting frustrated at her attempts to open the bag, she grabbed a tote bag and stuck all my yarn in there.

It's a great day when you can add a potential customer, get 25% off yarn and get a free tote! I think the universe is trying to tell me something, crafting is for me!

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