Monday, May 2, 2011

Savings Update 3 Grocery Trips Later

I have been a little behind on posting my savings for the past three grocery trips. I have three receipts to tally up. The total savings and breakdown is as follows:

Last Grocery Trip in March:
Weekly Specials: $8.79
Coupons: $5.30
Total: $14.09

First Grocery Trip of April: (not a big spending trip)
Weekly Specials: $1.37

Second Grocery Trip of April:
Weekly Specials: $6.89
Coupons: $12.79
Total: $19.66

The grand total of savings of these three trips:
Weekly Specials: $17.05
Coupons: $18.09
Total: $35.14

And now for the grand total year to date.....

Weekly Specials: $57.35
Coupons: $63.29

Total Savings: $120.64

Not to shabby for the first part of the year. As I get better at organizing my coupons and weekly specials the savings can only increase!

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