Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friendship Bread Started Bag One of Two

On Easter my mom gave me two starter bags of Amish Friendship Bread. Only the Amish know what's in the starter bag. It comes with a list of directions for each day in a series of 10 days. Day 6 you add to the starter bag and on day ten you spit it into four starter bags to give to friends and bake the rest. Because my sister lives in Dallas I got two starter bags instead of one I go two so I have broken the batches up into two baking days.

Today I did everything according to plan except I added some fresh strawberries to one loaf. They are now cooling on the rack and I cannot wait to try them. Here are some pictures of the process:(just excuse my old apartment and its old kitchen appliances)

Three new start bags to give away.
The aftermath! I am a messy cook!
The crusts got a little hard, darn old oven!

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